Upcoming Events

  • Birds & Bees - Oh Help Me Please!

    Guest Speaker | Mary Flo Ridley

    Parenting Seminar | Parents of preschoolers & children birth - 6th grade

    January 13 | 4:30-6:30 pm | Sanctuary

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    The Birds and The Bees is a live program that encourages and equips parents to have age appropriate conversations with their young children about sex.  Where do babies come from? How is that baby going to get out of there? The Birds and The Bees want parents to answer these questions when their kids are asking them in order to create a foundation for future conversations. In today's sex saturated culture, the idea of the "the talk" at age 13 is too late. Their goal is to replace that on talk with several smaller talks so that your kids can hear your voice and values. They want parents to be prepared and have a plan when the questions start, because it will be sooner than you think! The live program walks you through the six-step strategy that takes you from the early preschool years to preadolescence.

  • Lottie Moon CHristmas Post Office

    November 25 - December 24

    Support the RA's as they collect "postage" for Lottie Moon. Bring your Christmas cards for church members to the Lottie Moon Post Office and donate the amount you would have spent in postage the the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

  • Preschool Pajama Party

    December 10, 11 or 13  |  6-7pm

    Preschoolers Birth-Kindergarten

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    David and Beth Henderson host at their home preschoolers and their parent(s) for an evening of preschool crafts, activities and food. They will experience all the wonder of Christmas with the sharing of the Nativity story. Choose one of the nights to register your preschooler to attend this Christmastime event. 

  • International Mission Study

    Dec. 12, 2018 | 5:45-7:30pm

    The study for the RA's and GA's will focus on the refugee crisis and show them real ways they can help those all over the world who have been displaced from their homes.  The children will rotate to the mission story, crafts and food.

  • Forms

    Kids Medical Release  |  a new form is needed each school year

    Adult Medical Release  |  a new form is needed each school year

    Adult Background Check  |  for those over 18 volunteering with the Kids Ministry

    Child Protection Policy

    Child Protection Procedure Manual

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